Thuringian Forest and the Rennsteig
Foto: MissesWallace/

Thuringian Forest and the Rennsteig

Breathe through – in the Kulturhotel Kaiserhof not far from the Rennsteig on the southern slope of the Thuringian Forest

The Rennsteig carries hikers over 168.3 kilometers through the Thuringian Forest. It forms the backbone of the Comb Mountains, extending from Eisenach to Blankenstein. 
There is much to discover on the left and right of the road. The nature park route is suitable for those who want to see a lot in a short time and are traveling by car, motorbike, camper or bus.

Also “great” of the history left their traces in Thuringia. This is a special experience of the Luther-way, which leads from the Luther-established-location-Möhra over 13.5 kilometers into the Glasbachgrund near Steinbach. Where today the Luther memorial was founded in 1857, in 1521 the Wittenberg Professor Martin Luther became the simple Junker Jorg.